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Disappearing EBS volumes, or "Where's our data gone‽"

At answersIT we run a handful of instances in AWS for internal use. We recently faced an issue with our primary RDS server that both our accounts and sales teams use, where the EBS volumes were completely inaccessible under Windows.

As a first step to troubleshoot the issue we mounted the volumes to a Linux server to confirm that the data was still intact, it was. Rollbacks to previous snapshots / images of the instance were then attempted, but it didn’t matter how far we went back the volumes were still inaccessible - not showing in Disk Manager, or even diskpart. We were left scratching our heads and decided to open a case with Support.

Their first recommendation was to update the PV (Paravirtual) Drivers, as it didn’t look to be reporting back to the console correctly - still no dice.

They then recommended updating the EC2Config Service which did the trick.

We thought we had our patching down pat using Centrastage, Autotask Endpoint Management, Datto RMM and a handful of scripts, but this definitely leaves a gap in current our process and a chance to dive deeper into the AWS ecosystem using AWS Systems Manager - surely another post to follow!