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What's your Secure Score?

This article was originally written for publishing on the company blog at answers IT, and has been cross posted here.

Secure Score analyses your Office 365 organization’s security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score. Think of it as a credit score for security. The main goal of the Secure score is to measure your security score and help you understand your present security configuration.

The score is calculated based on the workloads you have enabled within your Office 365 against all possible ways Microsoft offers to secure them. This places all security-relevant features of Office 365 in one place, allowing you to to determine which security features are already in place as well as making it easier to close the gap on your target score.

Secure Score

The current maximum score attainable in Office 365 is 416, with the average score across all tenants in Office 365 sitting at 31 at time of writing. We recommend that a minimum target score of around 200 is aimed for, which covers most of the basic security controls offered and has a low impact to user experience. You will only see your Windows score if you have Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). If you set the slider to the target score it will then provide actions to be taken to increase the overall score.


Anyone who has admin permissions on Office 365 can access the Secure Score at https://securescore.microsoft.com. If you’re interested to find out your current score and how to improve it, get in touch with your Technical Account Manager or the Service Desk team on 07 3123 7929.