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2018: Reflections

Reflections on the year that has past:

  • I was involved in a single car accident in May - a combination of late nights, stress, and fatigue undoubtedly contributed to the incident, where I thought I saw something on the road and swerved, crashing into a guard rail. Fortunately I wasn’t hurt, but it has lead to me making quite significant changes to my workload and to also starting some new healthy habits.

  • I set a goal to read 26 books, but have hit 35! Initially I started reading as a way to reduce the stresses off the day, but it has become so much more than that. I’ve read several books on Stoicism, and personal finance amongst other genres - which leads to my next point..

  • We (my wife, Alyssa and I) made a choice to better live within our means and get in control of our finances. All it took was a certain book, and it’s simple serviette strategy. We’ve gone from spiralling out of control in deb, to being on top of our finances, and giving every dollar a job.

  • My practice of Stoicism has significantly changed my outlook on life. Stress levels are significantly down (thanks to the simple usage of the Dichotomy of Control). I make time most days to do evening retrospections (keeping a journal), and try to treat every day as a new life.

  • I have tried many new things and failed, but I never gave up, I’ve kept keep going - knowing that it will make me stronger along the way.

And, next year?

  • Be present with my family, not just there for them.

  • Domino our debts (credit card and motorbike loan).

  • Continue my reading habit (45 books in 2019) and expand my knowledge.

  • Share knowledge (through blog posts, and maybe even speak at a Meetup?!) and help those who ask me for help and guidance.