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Remote by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

I recall reading Remote with the intention of bringing ideas to the management team at the time in order to set up policies / procedures for working from home.. unfortunately it didn’t eventuate at the time.

Just this week however (2018-06-05), I’ve finally had approval to trial working from home one day a week.. better than not at all! Will likely re-read at some stage this year.

My Highlights and Notes

not every question needs an answer immediately—there’s nothing more arrogant than taking up someone else’s time with a question you don’t need an answer to right now.

Start by empowering everyone to make decisions on their own. If the company is full of people whom nobody trusts to make decisions without layers of managerial review, then the company is full of the wrong people.

As a manager, you have to accept the fact that people will make mistakes, but not intentionally, and that mistakes are the price of learning and self-sufficiency.

If work is all-consuming, the worker is far more likely to burn out. This is true even if the person loves what he does. Perhaps especially if he loves what he does, since it won’t seem like a problem until it’s too late.

Motivation is pivotal to healthy lives and healthy companies. Make sure you’re minding it.


My Rating: ★★★★☆

ISBN: 9780804137508

Date Finished: 2016-03-13

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